PageSpeed Insights bug! With Proof!

I hate Google tools! They are just as bugged as everything else. And like everyone else they do not test their shit properly.

Pagespeed Insights

Yesterday PageSpeed Insights told me the contrast between the text in the footer (Copyright was shitty. And I corrected it and it was OK for hours. TOday I also tested other things for hours and suddenly I noticed the contrast thing was back on the Copyright text.

I checked but it was white as snow on pitch black background just as I fixed yesterday. It simply doesn’t get any better. There is NO way to get more contrast!

Then I noticed on Insights image that my text wasn’t white but gray.

But on my site it was still crystal white. As it should be.

For some reason PageSpeed has found an old cached version of my site and started testing that instead of my real live version.

To be sure I made the text red on my live site. But PageSpeed STILL continued with an older version of the site with grey text.

Things aren’t reliable. You can’t trust software 100%! EVER!

So when PageSpeed Insights says: Background and foreground colors do not have a sufficient contrast ratio. and shows a grey text on black background they are utterly wrong! The text is RED!

Is Google Search Engine built on the same buggy tools?

Will Google’s bugs affect my rankings?

What can we do when PageSpeed Insights is obviously wrong?